Industry-Leading Compliance


“The China government's anticorruption campaign should serve as a strong reminder throughout the pharma industry...of how critically important it is to have a zero-tolerance policay relative to inappropriate business practices.”

-Dr. Blobel on importance of compliance in China, BioWorld Asia, September 24, 2014.

Several years ago, SciClone undertook a comprehensive program to create a high-quality compliance program throughout our organization, and to ensure that our zero-tolerance policy was promulgated throughout the company, on every level, and in every aspect of our operations. We have been committed to a program of constant improvement in compliance, and we believe that our Company is stronger and more competitive as a result.

Compliance is an integral part of our goal-setting process for individuals as well as on a corporate level, and is a standard by which we evaluate performance and compensation. We have made it clear in our practices and our communications that every employee must behave in accordance with our compliance programs; employees who do not adhere to our strict compliance standards will not be allowed to stay in the company.

We firmly believe that our commitment to compliance has strengthened our reputation in the China pharma market, and is recognized as a major differentiator, especially by our industry partners. We also believe that the China government’s focus on eliminating corruption in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries can potentially have a positive effect in changing behavior, instituting more consistent and transparent business practices, and creating a more level playing field for everyone, including both multinational and local companies.

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